Loral Langemeier is a fraud! She scams individuals with sneaky tactics!

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Do some research on Loral Langemeier, who she is, where she came from and more about her services.You will be shocked!

Loral Langemeier is a fraud! One of Langemeiers websites, liveoutloud.com appeals to individuals looking for cash, a better life and more time with family. On the website, I purchased her $14.95 book for free (which really wasn’t free as they give you a $3.95 charge for shipping). When I signed up I said I DID NOT want the online service that was “free” for the first 30 days.

Later when I received my credit card statement, there was a charge for $67.00. They charged me anyways!! Then they will not refund your money. What a rip off!

On her liveoutloud website there are icons not links associated with Dr. Phil, Fox Business, The View, CNBC, Forbes.com, etc. Why wouldn’t she want people directed to their sites, or possibly the other way around.

She just might have burned her bridges with a few of these places or they have heard what a scam she really is.If I were you, I would be very wary of this woman so that you do not dump all your money down the drain and receive nothing in return.

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Loral is a ***. Just google her name and scam or fraud after it and you will see! :(


Dispute the charge with your credit card company. Move very fast.

Avoid Loral Langemeier...scam that charges you on your credit card for services not receieved.

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I ordered a book from Loral Langemeier and gave a credit card number for a shipping and handling fee.Later, I was charged a monthly fee of $67 for services I did not receive.

They told me services were sent by email and that I had 30 days to review it and cancel if I did not approve of the service. I did receive a call from one of their counselors within the 30 day period and told them their product wasn't for me. When I contacted Loral Langemerier about the monthly charge I was told I had to decline their service within 30 days. I told them I had declined the service with the company counselor, but was told that that was a different service they were offering.

I reminded them that I had never received the service by email, but the company spokesperson said that was my problem, not theirs.

This is real SCAM!Avoid it!

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Just Google loral langemeier scam and see what pops up! Sites like frandandscam.com, equalizergroup.org, ripoffreport.com, scam.com, ripoffrepairs.com, victimadvocates.net and it goes on and on and on! This woman is a scam artist if ever there was!!!!

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